Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus in Houston, TX

As you can expect, several facilities offer laser treatment for toenail fungus Houston, Texas. However, in order to find the right treatment center for   this type of surgery, it is important to understand how experts carry out the surgical procedure as well as its benefits. Here is information to guide you when choosing a suitable treatment facility.

What is the Procedure for Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment in Houston?

Broadly speaking, doctors use laser beams to vaporize the fungi that have grown on the patients toenail or between the toes. The type of laser beams used for this type of treatment differ from conventional laser beams in that toenail fungus laser treatment uses light instead of heat to kill fungi.

How it Works

During the treatment, a doctor directs a beam of light at the diseased toenails from a distance of about 5 inches above the toenail. The powerful beam of light treats toenail fungus effectively by destroying the fungi on the toenail. It is important to note that unlike other forms of laser surgery that use beams of heat, toenail fungus surgery is painless since it uses light. This means that patients who undergo this surgery do not normally experience undesirable side effects such as soreness.

Duration of the Procedure

In most cases, laser surgery for toenail fungus takes a maximum of half an hour for both feet. The surgery does not damage the tissue on the skin surrounding the toenail or the toe nail bed. However, in some cases, a doctor may have to remove the entire toenail and nail bed entirely in order to stop the spread of fungus. It is vital for patients who opt for this type of toe nail fungus treatment to bear in mind that while this procedure offers instantaneous results in terms of killing fungus, the results may not be visible physically immediately after the surgery. It may take several months for the diseased toenail to grow back with a healthy appearance.

Are there any Distinct Advantages of Using Laser surgeries to Treat Toenail Fungus?

There are numerous ointments as well as oral medications on the market today that one can use to treat toenail fungus. In spite of this, laser toenail fungus surgery has become increasingly popular with patients who suffer from toenail fungus. According to the Arizona Institute of Foot Care Physicians, doctors are also increasingly recommending laser treatments instead of other treatment options. Several advantages make laser surgery the preferred treatment option for many. For instance, treatments options such as pills and ointments normally take a long time to work. Furthermore, patients need to make sure that they are consistent in how they take pills or use ointments in order achieve good results. On the other hand, the procedure for laser treatment only takes a few minutes and recovery after surgery is literally instantaneous.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, one distinct advantage of laser treatments is that they do not have any of the side effects that are associated with other treatment options (especially tablets). Side effects of oral treatments may cause various body organs such as the liver to fail. Therefore, the fact that laser treatment has no side effects is a distinct advantage. Furthermore, the success rate of laser treatment for toenail fungus is much higher than that of other treatment options.


Overall, if you are looking for a treatment facility that offers laser treatment for fungal treatment, it is advisable to pick one that has a proven track record of excellent service delivery. In Houston, one of the leading toenail fungus treatment clinics is Clear Toes Clinic. At Clear Toes Clinic, we have certified specialists who have vast experience in dealing with toenail fungus.


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