8 Great Foot Care Tips for Summer and Beyond

foot care tips for summer and beyondSummertime fun can lead to agony for your feet. The combination of warmer weather and enclosed footwear can result in damaged skin, odor, and fungal infections. Incorporating some simple tips for foot care can eliminate the foot odor and discomfort that may be associated with this season.

8 Tips for Proper Foot Care

Here are 8 tips to keep you feet healthy for the summer season:

Keep Your Feet Clean

Controlling foot perspiration can help you avoid fungal infections. You should wash your feet as needed and dry them thoroughly each time.

Use An Effective Foot Powder

Foot powder soaks up excess moisture, and moisture is what makes a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungus (which include toenail fungus). You may select an unscented antibacterial foot powder or one that is lightly scented. Corn starch is another effective alternative that may have in your kitchen pantry.

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Allow Your Feet to Breathe

Wearing open sandals may eliminate foot moisture. Heavy footwear that conceals your entire foot may be more than you need in the summertime. Selecting appropriate shoes and sandals that help you avoid any foot irritation and blistering will be beneficial as well.

Give Your Feet a Treat

Your feet support you in many ways. An occasional foot massage may relieve a lot of stress, and seeing a professional once a month may do wonders for you and your feet.

Change Socks Frequently

Changing your socks each day may not be enough. Moisture may build up according to your activity level and choice of footwear. Summertime temperatures may indicate a need to change your socks many times a day.

Use Sunscreen

The skin on your feet may become sunburned just like the skin on the rest of your body. A sunscreen with SPF 15 will protect your feet even if you plan on going barefoot when you are outdoors or wearing open sandals.

Use Caution In Locker Rooms

A locker room floor can be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Wearing sandals or some type of foot covering in public locker rooms can protect you against many foot problems.

Invest In Proper Foot Support

Your footwear should be appropriate to the activity. This will keep your feet safe and less prone to infection.

These foot care tips are great for summer, and following these tips may keep your feet looking and feeling their best throughout the year.


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