Vacation Tips for Proper Foot Care

Foot care is a common concern while traveling, and few things can ruin a trip more quickly than an injury or infection. The following vacation tips concerning your feet will prevent these problems. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, some of the most frequent foot and ankle injuries occur between the airport and the hotel rooms.

Tips for Proper Foot Care

Following the tips below can assure you have a great vacation free of any foot care issues.

Stick to Comfortable Shoes

Waiting in line and walking long distances are commonplace in airports, and travelers are advised to wear well-fitting shoes with closed toes. Flip-flops and sandals can increase the chances of tripping and falling for many people. Sprains are among the most common injuries resulting from wearing these types of shoes.

Socks Are a Must

Pairing good quality socks with comfortable shoes will prevent blistering from shoe friction. Socks can also act as a barrier to some kinds of infections, since all travelers need to remove their shoes at airport security checkpoints. Having bare feet in a crowded airport can increase the chances of getting a virus or bacterial infection, such as plantar warts or toenail fungus.

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Stick to Older Shoes

Newer shoes need to be broken in before a busy vacation, and they can lead to blisters if worn for a good amount of walking. Parents are also advised to check their children’s shoes for problems as well.

Sandals and Flip-Flops Can Be Worn Within Limits

These are the best options for poolside walking and locker rooms because they help prevent athlete’s foot and similar infections. Packing and using an antifungal foot cream is an additional protective measure.

Use a Floor Towel Before Showering or Taking a Bath

Stepping on a towel folded on the floor will prevent slipping and falling on a slick bathroom floor. This towel will also protect the feet from bacterial infections and keep the toes dry.

Remember Foot Care Tactics During Long Road Trips

Stretching the legs and feet at least every two hours will prevent cramping and loss of blood circulation. These simple movements can also lessen the chances of developing blood clots.


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