Toenail Fungus Surgery Vs. Laser Treatment

Have you been so depressed about having toenail fungus that you have considered getting toenail fungus surgery? Anyone who is suffering from this condition is right to be upset because toenail fungus is not only difficult to eradicate, it is also very unsightly. The fungus causes the nail to become thick, brown, and deformed. The nail may start to disintegrate. This condition is created by very tiny fungal spores that start to live in the nail bed and will eventually destroy it.

Why One May Need Toenail Fungus Surgery

Once the toenail starts to separate from the nailbed it can make walking in shoes very painful. Open-toe sandals and barefoot walks in the sand become a thing of the past. Although there are many home remedies that are suggested in order to treat the condition, in the end most people who suffer from this will seek medical attention from a doctor because the home remedies rarely work.

The doctor is likely to prescribe various medicated ointments or oral tablets in an attempt to kill the fungus. If these medical treatments do not work, then using surgery to remove the infected toenail may be the next consideration.

What Dies Toenail Fungus Surgery Entail?

If using home remedies and medical ointments for toenail fungus has not been effective, many people will seek a surgical remedy for the problem. Toenail surgery requires the partial or complete removal of the affected toenail. In some cases, this can stop the fungus from returning.

Toenail surgery is often done in a doctor’s office using a local anesthetic. The toe is numbed with an injection and the doctor will use a surgical tool to remove the nail from the toe. After the procedure you will need to apply anti-fungal ointment until the wound heals. There is some risk of infection and the fungus may return. The nail may regrow within a year.

Laser Treatment Offers an Alternative to Toenail  Surgery

There are now specialized laser treatments available which can instantly vaporize the nailbed using a short burst of laser energy. In most cases, the fungus spores will be vaporized as well.

Advantages of Laser Versus Toenail Fungus Surgery

With Toenail Surgery

  • There may be pain
  • There is a risk of infection with surgery
  • Medicated ointments must be applied
  • The nail may have an unattractive appearance when it grows back
  • The fungus may return

With Laser Treatment

  • There is no pain with the procedure
  • There is no risk of infection due to the procedure
  • One treatment is usually enough to eliminate the fungus

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