Can Toenail Fungus Spread From Toe To Toe

spreading of Toenail FungusToenail fungus spread is an issue that many people are very concerned with and for good reason. Toenail fungus can be painful, embarrassing, uncomfortable, and can cause serious damage if not remedied immediately.

The Truth About the Spreading of Toenail Fungus

There are a few different ways that toenail fungus spreads and knowing a bit about these methods can help ease the minds of many.

Showers and Other Public Venues

In some cases the spread of fungus can be related directly to bacteria found in public showers, bathrooms, pools, and other areas. It is important that when using a public shower or other facility that users keep their shoes on or use shower shoes to help protect their feet from potential fungus spread.

The spread through public facilities is the most common way that those individuals with no prior history of fungus can contract it. Generally, this type of spread can be quickly remedied by cleaning the public facilities with bleach or another abrasive cleaner and simply wearing protective shoes when using these facilities.

Socks, Shoes, and Other implements like Toenail Clippers and Files

Toenail fungus can also spread through socks, shoes, and other implements that are used on a daily basis. Fungus grows because feet spend lots of time in shoes which are dark, damp, and always warm. This damp, dark, and warm environment is perfect for the spread and growth of bacteria that causes fungus outbreaks.

Using socks, shoes, and other implements like toenail clippers and porous nail files that have come in contact with this bacteria is a very easy way to contract a foot infection. The best way to prevent this type of spread is to always use clean socks and shoes and other implements.

Spread From Toe to Toe

Spread from one toe to another is also possible. This type of spread is especially possible if there are cuts, lacerations, or ingrown toenails on surrounding toes. Generally it is possible and incredibly easy to prevent this type of spread by choosing a treatment program and sticking to it. Using something like a topical cream to help control and treat the area can be a great way to keep it restricted to the area.

Keeping the surrounding areas clean is another great way to prevent spread from toe to toe. As the infection worsens, the likelihood of spread becomes greater. If the infection is caught quickly enough it can be stopped and spread from toe to toe will become unlikely. With any treatment plan it is incredibly important that users choose a treatment plan and stick to it to prevent the reappearance of a treatment resistant fungus and to prevent the spread of the bacteria to other toes and areas in which your toes come in contact.

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