How to Cure Toenail Fungus Permanently

Have you been thinking about how to cure toenail fungus permanently? Modern medicine uses a mix of topical medications and preventive measures to treat and banish toenail fungus permanently. This often requires a great deal of compliance on behalf of the patient. While the repercussions of leaving toenail fungus untreated can be serious, new-age laser therapy treatment for foot fungus infections has been a ray of hope in recent times.

How to Cure Toenail Fungus Permanently

As mentioned above, there is a myriad of different treatment options for toenail fungus. They include the following:

Anti-fungal pills: Oral medication has proven to be quite effective in treating severe to moderate degree infections. Example: Diflucan

Anti-fungal topical lotions and creams: These are to be directly applied onto the affected skin and usually used in mild infections to contain the fungi. Example: Penlac

Fighting Recurrent Foot Fungus Infections

Anti-fungal pills are only a temporary solution as such infections are very likely to grow back. The best tip for preventing recurrence of all foot fungal infections and curing it permanently is self-care and following proper foot hygiene habits. This would involve doing the following regularly:

Dry and wash your hands and feet prior to sleeping at night. Consider applying anti-fungal topical medications, such as Penlac (ciclopirox), directly to the area.

Always keep your hands and feet dry. Areas of the skin that are constantly wet are more prone to infection. Applying powder to dry patches is a good solution.

Wear socks made of cotton or any other dry material that allows your skin to breathe through it, while keeping away the moisture. Tight shoes are one of the biggest reasons for fungal foot infection.

Avoid sharing socks, shoes, or nail cutters with other individuals, even family members.

Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

One of the best ways to cure toenail fungus permanently is through the use of laser therapy. The treatment procedure takes about thirty to forty-five minutes. The procedure is almost painless and quite affordable. Although there won’t be any visible change after the procedure, you can expect to see some changes several months later when the new nail starts to grow out. One of the main benefits of laser treatment for toenail fungus is that it has no known side effects.


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