All That Glitters: Azature Nail Lacquer

Black Diamond

Having a hard time finding nail polish that is unique from all the rest? Do you like to get people’s attention and enjoy warm weather to expose your toes? Then perhaps regular nail lacquer is not for you anymore, especially if you have a quarter of a million dollars just hanging around your bank account getting lonely with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Black Diamond:  A Girl’s Best (Most Expensive) Friend

The answer to your woes is Azature ‘Black Diamond Nail Polish.’ At $250,000, it is officially the world’s most expensive polish. This costly cosmetic overtakes last year’s offering, the $130,000 ‘Gold Rush’ from British jeweler Models Own (Huffington Post).

Hollywood jeweler Azature has put 267 carats of black diamonds into every bottle of ‘Black Diamond,’ hence the name. Unless you use it up quickly, you will need to have the bottle insured. Up until now, Azature has been a popular provider of jewelry to celebrities who will now, no doubt, be clamoring for this glittery polish.

What Could You Buy for $250,000?

To put the price of Azature’s polish into perspective, $250,000 would buy:

  • A one-bedroom house
  • A ticket on Virgin Galactic
  • A 19th Century Madonna and Child oil painting by Puccio Puccinelli
  • A Rolls Royce 2012 Ghost
  • A round-the-world cruise for two

The Economical Version

Azature did not want to leave the average person out in the cold, unable to afford his products, so he has come up with an economical version of the ‘Black Diamond.’ For just $25, shoppers at Fred Segal will be able to snap up a bottle with fewer carats: there is just one real black diamond inside each bottle. This is still more than enough for clients who like to follow celebrity trends without paying celebrity prices.

Besides, though $25 is more than the average cost of nail polish, it is only 0.001% of the price of the real thing, and affordable for most people who want to splurge a little.

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