One Shocking Mistake That Might Prevent You from Curing Toe Nail Fungus Faster

toe nail fungus mistake

When it comes to treating a fungal infection, being misinformed is probably the top toe nail fungus mistake. Why? Simply put, misinformation can cause the condition to morph into something much worse. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to remedy the situation.

The following information covers some of the most important things to remember, in regard to toe nail fungus. Having the proper information at your disposal helps to ensure healthy nails, for years to come.

Fungal Nail Infection Doesn’t Magically Disappear

As much as you probably hope is true, a fungal nail infection never goes away on its own. Left untreated, it’s only going to get worse. The skin around the nail can crack. When and if this happens, infection can spread to other areas of the foot.

In extreme cases, the infection can even spread to other parts of the body. The elderly, diabetic and those taking certain types of cancer-related drugs are typically more susceptible to the spread of infection.

Nail Polish Doesn’t Prevent Further Growth

Yes, colored nail polish will cover up the unsightly appearance of toenail fungus. However, it doesn’t prevent further growth. In fact, polishing the affected nails actually seals the fungus in and can make the condition worse.

In certain cases, wearing too much polish is actually said to be the cause of fungal nail infection because this can damage the nail. This encourages fungi to grow.

Digging Out the Fungus Doesn’t Help

You might think that digging the fungus out from underneath the nail will help. This is another toe nail fungus mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Trying this method only allows the spores to take up residence on your other nails, causing the infection to spread.

It is important to remember to sanitize clippers or scissors after each use. And avoid sharing these grooming tools with family members.

Constantly Wearing Shoes Makes Matters Worse

Wearing shoes from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed doesn’t remedy or help prevent nail fungus. Your feet can’t ‘breathe’ when they are covered up. In actuality, this encourages further growth.

It’s always best to wear flip-flops or some other type of open-toed shoes, when you’re relaxing at home. Your feet will thank you for it.

We are readily available to answer any questions and concerns, in regard to the best way to avoid a painful toe nail fungus mistake. Feel free to contact us for further information. We’re here to help!


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