What happens when you ignore toenail fungus

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Toenail fungus may be unsightly and embarrassing, but did you realize it can also cause other lasting health problems? Many people ignore signs of toenail fungus, expecting the problem to eventually go away on its own or, at the very least, stay the same. However, that’s dangerous for your health.

As infections in toenails progress, the nails will typically become brittle and thick. At that point, you should definitely seek help from Clear Toes Clinic for laser fungal removal.

Over time, infected nails left untreated will become misshapen, often making it painful and difficult to walk.

In addition, untreated toenail fungus can spread. The fungus can spread to skin on your feet, causing your feet to itch and the skin to become red and cracked. It’s very easy for this complication to arise if you wear shoes and socks all day, because fungus thrives in warm, dark and moist environments. The fungus can even spread to other parts of your body, causing more itching, irritated skin.

If you have a weakened immune system from a chronic condition such as diabetes, you’re at risk for widespread infection. Toenail fungus that spreads to the skin can cause the skin to crack and bacteria can get in. This can cause cellulitis, which can be very serious.

Complete loss of nails. Infected toenails that are left untreated can eventually separate from the nail bed. The lose portion of the nail will need to be removed. Because the growing portion of the nail is damaged, it will not grow back.

The bottom line is that once a toenail is infected, it needs to be treated. If you suspect your toenails have infections, don’t delay. Call Clear Toes Clinic at (713) 570-6157 for a consultation. 

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