Learn the first signs of toenail infection

It’d be nice to avoid toenail infections completely – especially when the infections become too obvious to even wear sandals in public. But how do you spot a troubled nail before it becomes yellowed and cracking? There are a few early signs of toenail fungus that can help you address problems before they get too serious.

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Recognize the Early Signs

Spots One of the first indicators of a toenail infection is a small white spot growing on your nail. While it’s easy to think these spots are just a scrape, if you don’t remember hitting your toe on something, it could be an indicator that it’s an infection. Spots can also be black and appear on the toenail or underneath it.

Lines Another common indicator? Lines that appear in your nail. These are easy to overlook, but can indicate early trouble. Look for ridges and lines that are vertical and slightly raised. A healthy nail should be smooth and free of these lines. These lines are an indicator that the healthy nail tissues are being broken down.

Pain. If your toenail is sore without reason, this can be an indication infection is growing. It will typically hurt worse with shoes and socks on and can even cause a foul smell.

It is best to avoid infection altogether, by paying attention to your toenails.  When you see the signs of fungus, treating it as soon as possible will stop any chance of it damaging your toenail further.  You will also not get a severe infection, as you will be killing the fungi as well as treating the nail.

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