How to tell if that’s toenail fungus on your foot

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It’s not always perfectly clear if your toenails are infected with toenail fungus. Some photos on the Internet depict worse-case scenarios with brittle, yellow, crumbling nails. But most toenail fungus starts out small and develops over time. However, it’s always best to identify it early and treat it as soon as you confirm that toenail fungus is the culprit.

Nail fungus starts out as a white or yellow patch under and on the sides of the nail. These spots are often the first indicator that you have a nail fungus.

You will also notice that the texture of the nail will change. Nails become more brittle, thick and lose some of their shine.

As the fungus progresses, nails become thicker, more dull, and the nail can separate from the nail bed, which is often painful. The nail can also become distorted in shape, ragged and dark in color.

It’s important to remember that anyone can experience toenail fungus. If you regularly keep nail polish on your toenails, it’s important to remove it once a week to inspect your nails and ensure there aren’t any beginning signs of toenail fungus.

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