Keeping clear toes at the pedicure chair

It’s pretty common knowledge that an easy way to get infected with toenail fungus is through unsanitary conditions at a nail salon. But since not everyone is willing to forego their pedicure indulgences completely, here are a few tips to help you scout out a safe pedicure chair from one that could harbor fungus-causing bacteria.

nail fungus treatment

Liners: Always chose a nail salon that uses liners in its pedicure soaking tub pools. These liners protect against germs from your previous inhabitants and add an extra layer of security

Timing: Rushing to get a pedicure before the salon closes? That could cost you. Studies have found that pedicure chairs are cleanest at the beginning of the day, so opt for an early-morning appointment instead of one just before closing time.

Cleanliness: This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s important to check and see if your nail salon sterilizes their equipment between each customer. Look for the pedicurists opening new packets of tools each time instead of pulling them from their cart of tools. Watch to see what they do with the tools after the use them. And if you want to get high-tech,

Watch their approach: Most infections are caught from small cuts in your toe or feet, which can be caused if cuticles are cut too deeply or callouses shaved. Pay attention to the type of tools they use and how closely they clip nails and cuticles. Overly aggressive methods can easily lead to infection, so it’s best to ask questions and state your preferences clearly.


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