You’ve Successfully Treated The Toenail Fungus. Now What?

treating toenail fungusResearch has shown that toenail fungus has affected the quality of life of some people. People who have been affected by the fungus have avoided various activities due to the appearance of their toes. Studies have shown that 15%-20% of individuals who had successfully treated toenail fungus were likely to get a recurrent infection the following year. If you’ve successfully treated the fungus, you need to take steps to prevent another infection.

  • Keep your hands and feet dry: Dry skin and nails reduce the chances of getting infected by the fungus. Rub some powder on your hands and feet after you take a bath and make sure that you use a clean towel to dry your feet.
  • Wear appropriate socks: Make sure that you wear moisture wicking socks and change them regularly. If you sweat a lot during the day, ensure that you take your shoes off occasionally to allow your feet to air or you could use an anti-perspirant.
  • Keep your nails short and clean: Trim your nails straight and file down thick surfaces of the nail. Avoid trimming or pricking at the skin around your nail as it will give access to germs and fungi.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in public places: Wear sandals or crocs in public places such as public pools, sauna or health club showers.
  • Rotate your shoes: Make sure you change your shoes and wear proper fitting and breathable shoes. You could alternate between open shoes and closed shoes.
  • Use clean pedicure tools: Make sure pedicure tools are thoroughly sterilized or if you have an appointment at the salon, bring your own equipment.
  • Use antifungal: Spray your shoes and socks with antifungal or use it on your feet.
  • Control diabetes: If you’re diabetic, you can control toenail fungus by eating the correct nutrients and wearing comfortable shoes to prevent injury to your toenails.
  • Do away with nail polish: The moisture that collects underneath the toenail would normally evaporate through the porous structure of the nail. The existence of nail polish hinders the moisture from drying thus providing a perfect environment for fungi to thrive.
  • Keep your bathroom clean: Leaving your bathroom dirty and wet will provide an ideal environment for fungi to flourish and you may be at risk of contracting the fungus.
  • Wash your shoes regularly: Wash your sports shoes and leave them to air dry. Make sure you own two pair of sports shoes so that you can alternate between allowing each pair to get plenty of fresh air.
  • Avoid some habits: Smoking may lead to a weaker immunity and this will make you more susceptible to toe nail fungus. If you smoke, you may seek help from an expert if you want to quit the habit.


It takes a considerable length of time and patience to treat toenail fungus; therefore, you need to take great care of your feet. Plus, you would not want to avoid participating in fun activities just because you don’t want people to see your toes.


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