Little Known Causes Of Toenail Fungus

Curious about the causes of toenail fungus?

Keep an eye out for signs of small yellow or white spots under the tip of your toenail. They indicate the onset of toenail fungus. Left untreated, this fungus will spread throughout your nail.

It may discolor your nail and thicken it. While it is difficult to treat this infection, you can get rid of this growth with the right medicines.

It is better that you understand the causes of toenail fungus so that you can take preventative action.

The bacterium that causes this fungal infection spreads rapidly in hot and humid conditions. If you live in an area that is hot and humid, apply medicated powder liberally before putting on your socks.

Do not wear tight fitting shoes. This allows little air to circulate and will result in a moist environment within your shoes. That makes it an ideal breeding place for fungi.

Toenail fungus is likely to affect people who:

• Share swimming pools, showers, bathrooms and locker rooms
• Sweat a lot, especially on the soles of their feet
• Get pedicures or manicures in salons that do not maintain hygiene.
• Don’t clean their equipment, such as emery boards and nail clippers
• Have had athlete’s foot
• Wear tight shoes that pinch their toes
• Suffer from diabetes, HIV or AIDS

Preventative actions

• Always clean your feet, especially the toenails, after coming out of a public swimming pool, using a mild antiseptic solution
• Do not wear tight fitting shoes. If you do have to wear them, take them off after an hour or two, and let your feet dry
• Treat the interiors of your shoes with antifungal spray once a week and let them dry
• If possible, use canvas shoes that allow air circulation
• Do not use nail clippers that someone else has used. It is better to purchase a pair that you do not have to share with others
• Only visit spas that sterilize their instruments and soaking tubs
• Instead of stuffing your socks inside your shoes, wash them before you wear them again
• Wear flip flops when using a public shower

Actions to take if you suffer from toenail fungus

You may become a victim of toenail fungus despite taking preventative measures. You should try to stop its growth and take steps to eradicate it as quickly as possible. Consult a doctor, preferably a dermatologist, and seeking his advice. Anti-fungal creams can cure fungal growth during its nascent stages.

For advanced cases, the doctor may prescribe oral pills. However, they take a long time to eradicate the infection and have proven side effects such as liver damage. If your case is serious, the dermatologist has no option but laser surgery.

The surgical process

Laser surgery is by far the most effective way to treat toenail fungus. It can treat advanced cases, quickly and completely.

This is a far better solution than having the nail removed.

Some home remedies for eradicating toenail fungus

• Tea tree oil
• Listerine
• A mixture of equal parts vinegar and Listerine

All of the above remedies have been known to work, but you have to be patient because it can take some time for the results to show.

As always, prevention is simpler than cure, so remember the causes of toenail fungus and you may avoid getting it.

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