How to Keep Your Feet from Sweating While Wearing Ski Boots

Afoot odor treament.1re you looking for a foot odor treatment to keep your feet from sweating, when wearing ski boots? If so, soaking your feet in tea might be the answer you’re looking for. Here’s a simple explanation, in regard to how to accomplish it.

How it Works

A tea foot soak is nothing new. However, many people don’t know about it. Because you probably already have tea in your pantry, it can end up being one of the most convenient and affordable ways to prevent perspiration of the feet.

One of the ingredients in tea are tannins. Tannins come from plants and are responsible for the tart flavor of many types of tea. They act as astringents. Tannins also kill bacteria, which is what causes foot odor.

Astringents do an excellent job of shrinking tissues in the body. That being said, when you soak your feet in tea, your sweat glands typically shrink.

What You Do

For optimal results, soak your feet in “foot tea” for 30 minutes, per day, for seven days. Brew a fresh batch, every day. After that, it’s generally only necessary to repeat the soaks once a month. Black tea is recommended.

Brew five or six tea bags the way you normally do. Let them steep for up to 13 minutes. Your goal is to end up with very strong tea.

Pour the hot tea into a large basin filled with two quarts of lukewarm water. You don’t want to soak your feet in hot water, because that just causes them to sweat more.

Additional Tips for Foot Odor Treatment

When it’s time to go skiing, wear wool socks. Wool wicks moisture away from the skin and traps it into the fibers. Cotton is a plausible second choice. However, cotton socks stay wet, which usually exacerbates the smell issue.

If you ski often, it’s extremely important to allow your boots time to thoroughly dry out between uses. If you don’t, there’s a high chance that they will start to stink and that the stink will get progressively worse.

You have the option of placing odor-control insoles into your boots. It’s simple to cut them down, for a proper fit. If you’re afraid that the insoles will start to feel uncomfortable, because they move around, you can secure them with small pieces of two-sided tape.

Many individuals, who suffer from sweaty feet, don’t realize that tea has the ability to help them correct the problem. If you’re an avid skier, this foot odor treatment might just do the trick.

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