5 Habits to Prevent Picking Up Unwanted Infection From Your Pedicure Salon

nail fungus treatmentNail fungus treatment is never fun. You might have the cleanest feet in the world, but you’re still susceptible to picking up the unsightly condition. No one is immune.

If you love getting pedicures, be aware that it’s entirely possible to get toenail fungus at your favorite salon. This is especially true when the business deals with a large clientele base.

You pick up the infection by using equipment that hasn’t been properly cleaned. Fungal spores thrive in damp places, so a dirty foot bath is your enemy. But, there’s no need to panic! Following these five tips will help to ensure that you don’t bring anything home with you besides your pretty feet.

Schedule an Early Appointment

If possible, schedule your pedicure appointment early in the day. Getting in first thing is ideal. Why? When you’re one of the day’s first clients there’s less of a chance of being subjected to a dirty foot bath.

When an early appointment just won’t work for you, ask the individual who’s giving you the pedicure to take the time to filter and clean the foot bath with bleach or another type of good disinfectant. This typically only takes a few extra minutes.

Make Sure the Salon is Clean to Avoid Nail Fungus Treatment

It doesn’t happen frequently, but walking into a salon that doesn’t look clean is your signal to turn around and take your business elsewhere. Uncleanliness is dangerous, especially in the beauty industry. There are other things, besides a fungal infection, that you can catch in a dirty salon.

In addition, you need to make sure that all grooming supplies are properly cleaned. It’s not good enough for employees to simply dip instruments into a cleaning solution. To completely kill bacteria and fungus, grooming tools must be sterilized in an autoclave.

Bring Your Own Grooming Supplies

There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing your own grooming supplies to a pedicure appointment. In fact, more and more people do the same thing. It’s not difficult to bring your own clippers, scissors, pumice stone, etc. Doing so, not only provides you with an extra level of protection, it’s something that many beauticians appreciate.

Don’t Use a Foot Razor

If given the choice, opt for a pumice stone instead of a foot razor. Although many people who get pedicures swear by this razor, they’re illegal to use in a salon or spa environment in several states. This is due to the fact that if used incorrectly, it can cause infection and injury.

Cut Toenails Properly

Instruct your beautician to cut your toenails straight across, instead of rounded edges. Toenails with rounded edges are more likely to become ingrown.

These five habits help you to avoid getting an unwanted infection from your pedicure salon. The easy -to-follow tips reduce your chances of having to participate in some form of nail fungus treatment… something you definitely want to avoid!

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