About Us

Clear Toes ClinicHouston’s Leading Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Center

Clear Toes Clinic is Houston’s leading toenail fungus treatment clinic.

We are founded by two of the leading cosmetic laser experts in the United States that have spent the last four years expanding the application of Q-switched laser technology to treating onychomycosis, commonly referred to as toenail fungus.

Expert Care by Trained Professionals

At Clear Toes Clinic, all treatments are provided by certified laser specialists that have attended the world’s leading laser training program – New Look Laser College – and have hundreds or thousands of laser treatments under their belts. Among the key differentiating factors between Clear Toes Clinic and other facilities offering laser treatments is our “laser focus” on toenail fungus treatments and commitment to research and continuous improvement in customer care.

In-Depth Treatment for Lasting Relief

Because Clear Toes Clinic specializes in treating toenail fungus, we have seen infections of all levels of severity and will customize treatment to your needs.

For each patient, we provide a thorough consultation, multi-step treatment (including laser therapy), and aftercare instructions. At Clear Toes Clinic, we are committed to helping you permanently prevent reinfection.