How to Naturally Cure Toenail Fungus With Yogurt

Everybody is talking about yogurt as a healthy addition to the diet. You can’t turn around without hearing or reading the words “pro-biotic.” Pro-biotics aid in digestion, help keep healthy flora blooming, and combats yeast in the body. But did you know that the pro-biotics in yogurt can do much more?

What is Yeast?

Yeast is a naturally occurring fungus in the body. Candida, the technical name, can grow out of control causing inflammation, weight gain and retention, even dandruff and athlete’s foot! That’s right; the same fungus that has given us a lot of awkward feminine hygiene commercials is the same one in athlete’s foot.

The body uses candida in the mouth and intestines to help break down and digest food. Sometimes, due to diet or antibiotics, that candida grows beyond what is useful, leading to all several problems.

Toenail fungus

Clear Toes Clinic describes toenail fungus as an “infection of the nail and nail bed that causes a number of changes to the appearance of the nail.” The fungus can be contracted from shower floors, unsanitary pedicure tools, or at the pool. It inserts itself under the nail, and grows – or flourishes – especially in moist conditions. The nail can become cracked and yellowed, and extremely painful.

Treatment Options for Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is hard to treat because the root of it lies beneath the nail itself. The nail protects the fungus, allowing it to grow with impunity, and making many topical treatments ineffective, as they don’t penetrate the nail. Serious cases can be treated with laser therapy, which kills the fungus. This can be expensive, but it is extremely effective, and recommended for out-of-control cases.

For newer instances, where the fungus hasn’t had enough time to grow, try yogurt! Using yogurt for toenail fungus means using the power of the probiotics to strengthen the body’s response to kill off the fungus.  As with any yeast overgrowth, yogurt treatment should be done both internally and topically. Treat inside and out!

When using yogurt for toenail fungus, buy natural, unsweetened yogurt with live bacterial cultures (you’ll see it on the ingredients list) – the fruity flavored stuff will do more harm than good because of the added sugars. Eat a serving – 3/4 cup – every day to maintain flora balance in the body.

Thoroughly wash and dry your feet. Apply the yogurt like a cream. This is best done before bed, as putting your feet back in shoes can negate all the good you’re doing. Even when the fungus appears to have cleaned up, continue treating in this manner for another few days, just to be sure. Be sure to wash or replace all footwear that may have come into contact with the fungus.


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