The Main Causes of Thick Curved Toenails

The medical term used for toenails that are curved, ingrown or deformed is onychogryposis. Those who find that their toenails become thick and arched may well find that the tough toenail starts to cut into the area of skin at either side of the nail. If this happens, it can lead to complications because harmful bacterial may enter the punctured skin and cause inflammation.

What Causes Toenails to Thicken and Curve?

Many people find that their toenails begin to get thicker as they age. But there are numerous diseases that can have affect the toenails. Such conditions include cancer, cardiovascular disease, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and eczema. If you develop a bacterial infection then this can be a major cause of thick toenails. In certain circumstances the root of the nail, the nail plate or the nail bed may get damaged and this can lead to toenail thickening. Toenails are highly susceptible to trauma. If a heavy object is dropped onto the nail then it may react by thickening. Ill-fitting shoes can pressurize toenails and cause the toenails to grow thicker.

Persons Likely to Develop Thickened Curved Toenails?

The nails can begin to grow thicker at any stage of life. Older people who have injured or infected toenails may find that their nails grow thicker and begin to curve. If the toenail has thickened due to a nail fungal infection then fluid may gather under the nail and it may begin to release an unpleasant odor.  Day to day activities can put repeated pressure on the toenails. A toenail that is constantly being rubbed by a shoe or a training shoe may start to sever from the nail bed. Hence soccer players, runners and walkers could be at risk of developing thickened toenails.

If your toenails have become thick and curved you may need to seek professional help to trim them. It can be very difficult to cut thickened toenails and they should be trimmed regularly to make them manageable. We are expert at dealing with toenail problems and we can help you to learn to handle your general foot-care. Our experienced chiropodists will be able to help to keep your thickened toenails in trim. We look forward to meeting you and we are always on hand to offer advice. Feel free to contact us at Cleartoes clinic.


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