The Best Shoes for a Person with Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus thrives in moist environments so people should look for the types of shoes that allow airflow, which helps to keep feet dry. Running shoes that are designed to keep feet cool and dry during workouts are a good choice for people who have toenail fungus. There are also hiking boots with mesh available for those who need durable footwear that provides plenty of ventilation.

Selecting the Types of Shoes That Keep Feet Dry

When selecting a pair of running shoes, people should avoid heavy, tight fitting shoes that do not allow the foot to breathe. This is especially important for people who workout on a regular basis. Perspiration encourages the spread of toenail fungus, and if the feet are continually moist, it will not take long for every toenail to become infected.

Types of Shoes That Keep Feet Cool during Summer

In the summertime, men and women who suffer from toenail fungus can wear a comfortable pair of walking sandals. Open toe sandals will keep feet comfortable and dry on hot days. When the toes remain out in the open it makes it difficult for toenail fungus to spread. Even though most people are not able to wear sandals on a daily basis for practical reasons, they are the best shoes for toenail fungus patients.

The Pros and Cons of Waterproof Work Shoes and Boots

People who work outdoors in damp or wet conditions may find it very difficult to keep their feet dry throughout the workday. This can cause toenail fungus to spread rapidly. In this case, a good pair of waterproof shoes or boots can help protect the feet against wetness.

Since waterproof shoes and boots do not provide adequate ventilation, the footwear should only be worn by those who need to protect their feet from a wet environment. Other individuals who have nail fungus should not wear footwear that blocks airflow. It is also a good idea for people who have toenail fungus to bring an extra pair of socks to work. Changing into a fresh pair of socks halfway through the day can help to prevent the spread of fungus.

Treating Toenail Fungus Infection  

Wearing the right type of shoes can help people to stop the spread of toenail fungus, but it will not get rid of it. It is important for anyone with toenail fungus to treat the condition as soon as possible. People can visit their local pharmacy to buy over-the-counter antifungal treatments that will slowly kill the fungus and prevent it from spreading to other toenails.

Although antifungal treatments are effective, a person must apply the cream for many months in order to kill the fungus. Those who want quicker results can contact us to find out more about the latest laser treatments for toenail fungus that are available. By wearing the right types of shoes and taking advantage of the best professional treatment available, people can keep their feet in great condition.


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