Can You Get a Pedicure If You Have Toenail Fungus?

pedicure with toenail fungusIf you are thinking of getting pedicure with toenail fungus, you might want to consider some important things first. A toenail fungus can be a persistent, troublesome ailment if it is not treated early. Fungi, specifically the type that lives and thrives in the toenail area are microscopic organisms that are medically known as tinea unguium and onychomycosis.

Once infected, a person will develop thickened, discolored nails that are brittle on the edges. These fungi survive in moist, humid environments, making individuals whose feet are often wet quite susceptible to the infection.

Pedicures While Having Toenail Fungus Is a Bad Idea

Toenail fungus can be transferred from one host to another via direct contact with an infected surface or object. Once the fungus finds its way on a person’s skin, it will begin to consume the upper dermis, causing the ragged, crumbly and flaking skin and itching associated with a fungal infection. This infection is potentially contagious.

Touching an infected toenail with your fingers can raise your chances of developing a fingernail infection. This type of transfer has the highest risk of occurring in environments such as nail spas and salons where tools used on an infected person may also be used on another person.

Seek Treatment First Before Getting a Pedicure

If you are planning on getting a pedicure but have a fungal nail infection, it is wise to seek medical treatment first and to undergo a complete course of treatment in order to ensure that all fungi are killed before getting a professional nail treatment. As long as you have the infection, you have the potential of transferring that infection to someone else.

Most Nail Technicians Will Not Work On Infected Toes

Furthermore, if you have toenail fungus, you are not likely to get a nail treatment. A professional nail technician is trained to identify possible infection in their clients and have the right to refuse you treatment if he or she finds that you do have nail fungus. Reputable salons and spas often have a policy in place that ensures that safety and hygiene standards are implemented.

The technicians are also likely to refer you to a doctor to get treated first. Nail salons and spas also have sanitation procedures where all tools and equipment are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected before using it on another client. Keep in mind that they have a reputation to protect and are more likely to get good business due to their strict sanitary practices.

Laser Treatment Is Your Best Option

So what are you to do? The most important thing at this point is to get your infected toenail/s treated first. Although getting a pedicure is not likely to worsen the infection (except in cases where skin gets broken by a sharp tool), it is not a good idea to ignore the condition. You could use topical medications. But, if you are looking for immediate results, you should consider undergoing a laser procedure.

Our laser treatment at Clear Toes Clinic has an excellent track record of treating toenail fungus permanently. That way, you can be assured that getting pedicure with toenail fungus should no longer be an issue for you.


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